New app provides virtual reality view of dementia

Alzheimers Research UK have developed a virtual reality app that helps you experience the world through the eyes of someone living with dementia.

A Walk through Dementia​

A Walk Through Dementia is an Android-exclusive app which gives users a 360-degree video experience that shows how simple tasks can become extremely complex for people suffering from the disease.

Featuring 3 everyday situations - At the Supermarket, On the Road, and At Home - the app aims to demonstrate how dementia goes beyond simply forgetting things, but compromises your senses and thereby affects your perception of the world around you.

Narrated by Olivier Award-winning actress Dame Harriet Walter, the 5 star rated app is free to download from the Google Play Store. It is available as a video version which you can view on your phone or tablet, or by purchasing a cardboard headset, you can experience the film in full virtual reality.

Watch the launch clip for the app here.

Trina Armstrong, who is living with posterior cortical atrophy, a form of Alzheimer’s disease, and advised on the project, said:

“Anyone living with dementia will experience it uniquely, but I hope A Walk Through Dementia will provide people with an idea of what the world is like for me. Everyday things like popping to the supermarket or making a cup of tea are things I used to take for granted, but dementia presents a real barrier to my everyday life in ways that people often don’t realise.

It’s been empowering for me to feed some of my symptoms and experiences into the app and see them re-created. I hope it will encourage the public to think differently about dementia and the people living with the condition they might meet.”

Click here to visit for details on how to download the app and get hold of the cardboard headset priced £5.99.