Could you contribute to dementia research?

With dementia cited by many as their number one fear for older life, and dementia rates predicted to soar over the coming decades, the need for research into this devastating condition has never been more urgent.

Evidence from dementia charities suggest there are no shortage of people willing to help research projects taking place, but data protection laws prevent researchers contacting people directly. This is important to protect people's privacy, but it makes recruiting people to take part in studies time-consuming and expensive and therefore, ultimately, a barrier to progress.

So now the NHS has launched its website Join Dementia Research with the specific aim of helping to match potential  volunteers with research projects taking place across the UK.

Goiz-Eder Aspe Juaristi, Dementia challenge project manager at Nottingham University Hospitals explains...

"It's a matchmaking website where people interested in taking part in research express their interest and it puts them in touch with local researchers conducting research in the area. It could cover all areas like the effects of lifestyle, drugs, alcohol and all sorts of things."

It's a different way of doing things. But it's more accessible and anyone can join in and it puts these people in touch and they can get in contact much easier. This is the only way to make progress – we need to make that happen."

For more information, click here to link through to the Join Dementia Research website, and take a couple of minutes to watch the official YouTube video clip below.